Kristy Zinna

Diverse legal background.
Passionate about Manatee County.

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A Pledge To The People Of Manatee County

Kristy Zinna WILL

  • Bring empathy and respect for each person standing before the court.
  • Fight to keep integrity and fairness in our courts
  • Serve with respect, honor and professionalism.
  • Remain invested in the future of our community.
Kristie Zinna
Kristy Zinna

The Right Experience. The Right Choice for Manatee County.

Every step Kristy has taken and experience she has gathered along the way has led her to this very moment. From her carefully cultivated legal background, to her courtroom experience in both criminal and civil law in both County Court and County Civil Court, Kristy is the well-versed candidate Manatee County needs for County Court Judge. She possesses a reputation in the community for professionalism, optimism, and a hard work ethic.

More than the typical candidate, she brings great respect and empathy for each person standing before the Court. She understands that the average defendant or plaintiff standing before a judge is experiencing one of the most important and pivotal days of their lifetime, and she refuses to become desensitized to that stress.  Kristy personally has persevered through great personal tragedy of her own, having lost her husband, Rory Zinna, in November of 2018 after a protracted battle with cancer. The experience and loss created in her a deep empathy for the unique problems with which people may be faced. Because of this, she has cultivated a patient and calming presence in court and hopes to bring the same demeanor to the judicial bench.

A culmination of a lifetime of hard work, a desire to use her diverse experiences for the greater service and good of her legal community, and a personal and life-long connection to her Manatee County home have all prepared Kristy Zinna for the position of County Court Judge.

Kristy Zinna is Endorsed by:

Sheriff Wells a 31-year veteran of Florida Law Enforcement endorses Kristy Zinna as your next Manatee County Court Judge, Group 4.

Sheriff Rick Wells

Manatee County Sheriff's Office

The Manatee Fraternal Order of Police endorses Kristy Zinna as your next Manatee County Court Judge, Group 4.

Manatee Fraternal Order of Police

Southwest Police Benevolent Association Logo

“The Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc. is proud to inform you of your endorsement of your candidacy for election for Manatee County Court Judge, Group 4… We will ask our members, their friends and families, and all citizens who respect strong and efficient enforcement of our laws, to cast their ballot in support for Kristy Zinna.”

Michael T. McHale


About Kristy Zinna, Candidate for Manatee County Court Judge, Group 4

Kristy Zinna is a Manatee County girl through and through. She attended Tillman Elementary, Lincoln Middle and Palmetto High School. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida and her Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida in 2008. Her roots run deep in this community, and she is thoroughly invested in Manatee County’s present and future.